I created DerbySAPiD initially for a colleague in a different department. He often complained of the long winded process involved in gathering all required information before conducting a Green Deal Occupancy Assessment audit.

With no direct access to the SQL databases he had to rely on using 2 separate existing tools to gather the database information he needed. These were both slow and cumbersome having being built for a different purpose.

He also needed to use this information to navigate a network drive to find stored documents as the folder naming structure used assessor and survey IDs.


DerbySAPiD was initially a very quick and simple application to retrieve survey ID and address based on a unique report identifier. The name came from a combination of my colleagues name (Derbyshire) and the survey ID (RdSAPiD). From start to finish the first version took less than an hour to develop. This included golf related sound effects: golf club swing on clicking search; “Fore!” on failure to find records; and ball sinking into hole on successful return.

When the rest of the department came to learn of DerbySAPiD it was quickly adopted as a valuable audit aid. Following requests from other team members, the application has now grown to also:

  • Produce more information
  • Allow searching by multiple references
  • Display evidence images in a picture box
  • Provide all of the above for a different report type with data stored instead in a MySQL database

The evidence images are retrieved from the network drive using the surveyor ID and RdSAPiD gathered from the database.

This is an example of a simple application I produced while working as a technical manager. If you came here for help producing apps to improve processes, you’ll be better served over at Automate Your Chores.

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